child arthritismedical marijuanaKU residents conduct cancer screenings in rural Kansas

Helping rural families dealing with pediatric rheumatic diseases

A professor of pediatric rheumatology at KU Medical Center runs outreach clinics in rural Kansas so families don't have to travel hundreds of miles for treatment   read more >>

Medical marijuana and brain disease

School of Medicine neurologist Gary Gronseth helped conduct a review on how useful medical marijuana is in treating the symptoms of patients with neurological diseases    read more >>

Saving lives in rural Kansas

KU School of Medicine urology and dermatology residents are conducting free cancer screenings in rural Kansas communities this summer as part of a program sponsored by the Kansas Masonic Foundation  read more >>                       

Patient Care
patient care
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
  • Mon Jul 21 09:24 JayDoc Free Clinic provides health care to uninsured & underinsured in KC area. more.. #KUcommunities
photo of woman and child with dandelions

Improve the power of medicine by volunteering to participate in a clinical trial today.

Center for Interprofessional Education

Future doctors, nurses and health professionals train as teams.

University of Kansas Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation earned in June 2012.

Far Above
Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas

KU Endowment launches a comprehensive fundraising campaign.