cigarettesElderly prisonersNanotax trial shows promise in treating abdominal cancers

Helping occasional smokers kick the habit

A research team at the KU School of Medicine is awarded a $2 million grant by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to address tobacco use among African-Americans who don't smoke every day    read more >>

Graying prisons

The Landon Center on Aging 's Linda Redford is working with prison officials, guards and inmates to provide better health care to elderly prisoners suffering from geriatric illnesses  read more >>

Repurposing a drug for abdominal cancer

KU Cancer Center's Nanotax Phase I clinical trial, led by Stephen Williamson, shows promise for treating abdominal cancers – with fewer side effects and higher survival rates for patients   read more >>                       

Patient Care
patient care
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
  • Fri Aug 22 11:26 RT Congratulations to our own Lisa Stehno-Bittel for being awarded the Women in Medicine and Science Sirridge award for female role models.
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Improve the power of medicine by volunteering to participate in a clinical trial today.

Center for Interprofessional Education

Future doctors, nurses and health professionals train as teams.

University of Kansas Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation earned in June 2012.

Far Above
Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas

KU Endowment launches a comprehensive fundraising campaign.