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The path to desegregation

How the convergence of the polio epidemic, iron lungs and Clarke Wescoe led to the desegregation of patient wards at KU Medical Center  read more >>

KU researchers find statins may hold keys to future cancer treatment

A team led by Tomoo Iwakuma has discovered that cholesterol-reducing drugs such as Lipitor can destroy a protein associated with nearly half of all human cancers   read more >>

Breaking the habit

UKanQuit, a joint inpatient program between the University of Kansas Medical Center and The University of Kansas Hospital, is helping more smokers quit the habit  read more

Patient Care
patient care
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
  • Mon Feb 27 10:54 @hannah_blessing Hi Hannah, KU Medical Center is a medical school & research facility. Patient care is handled by @KUHospital.
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University of Kansas Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation earned in June 2012.

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