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Food marketing to kids

The Journal of Pediatrics has published a new study from researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of Missouri-Kansas City which sheds new light on the issue of food advertising and children's food choices   read more >>

Delaying ovarian aging

A KU Medical Center research study published in Reproduction suggests that women in later child-bearing years may be losing their ability to produce healthy eggs due to excessive scarring and inflammation in their ovaries  read more >>

A new beginning

Incoming students at the University of Kansas School of Nursing don white coats during the traditional Nightingale ceremony  read more >>

Patient Care
patient care
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
  • Thu Sep 22 14:30 RT Two lifesaving organizations teaming up to end #breastcancer ? perfect match. @kumedcenter @susangkomen #kshealth more..
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